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will conduct the initial
online interview for you

Still recruiting the classic way?
Streamline your process now!

InterviewRecord.com accelerates and facilitates
pre-selection of candidates:

Instead of evaluating candidates based on their CVs only, you send them a link with an invitation to record short answers online.

Watch the candidates' recordings whenever you want,
and for meetings you invite only the best.

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Time saving

Smart working and video conference

Objective decisions

Concept of uniqueness and talent.

Better quality of candidates

Why do you need Interview Record app right now?

Interview Record app is a modern tool to facilitate the initial interview based on the experience of experts.

Speed up the process

See more

Choose the best

The work with Interview Record runs in 5 stages:

The application panel guides you intuitively through the entire recruitment process.
You can assign different rights to different members of your team.

  • 1

    Open new recruitment
  • 2

    Prepare a set of questions
  • 3

    Send out invitations to candidates
  • 4

    Candidates record their answers
  • 5

    Watch and evaluate candidates' responses
  1. Open new recruitment: Define a job title and basic info. You can create recruitment templates.

  2. Assign recruiter: Select a person who will send links to candidates, view and evaluate recordings.

  3. Choose observers: Allow team members to observe: a selected process, a specific candidate or recruitment conducted by a selected person.

  1. Prepare a list of questions in the app. 

  2. Specify the time for each answer.

  1. With one button you invite candidates to record their answers.

  2. You specify the expiration date of the invitation, i.e. the deadline for recording their answers.

  3. You can upload a package of CVs in PDF format.

  4. You can view all the candidates in a clear table with comments from your team. 

  1. Candidates receive invitations with a link to the application.

  2. They record their answers until the expiration date you set.

  3. They cannot repeat the answers - they can record the answers to each question only once.

  4. They do not know the content of the questions before - they can see the content of the question only once, just before recording the answers.

  5. They answer online (via video). 

  1. You watch the candidates' answers whenever you want.

  2. You watch the recordings as many times as you want.

  3. You can use the opinions of other people in your company - by giving them permissions in the application.

  4. You invite the candidates of your choice to a meeting.

  5. Before the meeting you can also ask the selected candidates further questions using the application - i.e. adding the next stage of recruitment.

Panel with a list of applicants:

Watch the candidates' recordings:

Rate the recordings of candidates:

Benefits of using Interview Record app for each side of the recruitment process:

  • for the HR Department:
  • for the candidates:
  • for the company:

Saves time

Gives more possibilities

Allows better control of the recruitment process

Objectivizes the approach to the candidates (and the decisions made at the end)

Eliminates accidental candidates

Complements the recruitment process, but does not replace it

Saves them time

Makes contact with the company easier

Gives more opportunities to show themselves

Gives everyone an equal chance at the beginning of the process

Saves money

Gives the opportunity to make better use of managers' time

Reduces recruitment time

It is safer (Covid)

Allows the selection of better quality candidates

It is a great educational tool for new managers and HR Partners (invited as observers to the recruitment process)

It costs surprisingly low