Most common questions:

Why choose Interview Record?

  • A unique solution that allows to invite virtually unlimited number of candidates to record pre-interviews.
  • The same questions and tasks for all candidates minimize the subjective factors influencing decisions.
  • The possibility of multiple playback of recordings and access by other managers reduces the risk of recruitment error. 
  • The candidate has the opportunity to record answers in a convenient place and time, which reduces the risk of superficial or accidental conversations.
  • Also a recruiter can evaluate candidate's answers in a convenient place and time. This significantly increases objectivity of the assessment.
  • Comfort for Recruiter and candidate during the whole process.

The Interview Record application is a solution for video interviews that will accelerate and improve the process of hiring the right candidate. It supports recruitment from the very beginning by:

  • creating your own unique candidate profile
  • inviting as many candidates as possible to record answers online
  • inviting to the next stages only those candidates who best match the expectations and profile of the employer
  • Recruiters and Observers can view and rate candidates, add their own comments, and share candidate profiles with other users
  • the user panel is extremely easy to use
  • depending on the needs it can be in Polish or English.

The Interview Record application provides comfort, speed and precision of recruitment. The most important benefits are:

  • minimization of the stress factor for both Recruiter and candidate
  • maintaining a physical distance
  • possibility of using the largest possible database of candidates without involving the Recruiter's time
  • possibility of an objective comparison of candidates
  • possibility of saving recordings and returning to them if necessary
  • the Interview Record application can be used for smooth implementation and training of new managers, especially when it comes to recruiting employees
  • the Interview Record application provides excellent material for the management of the company / organization to analyze the quality of work of recruiters.

Recruiters can evaluate candidates by observing their behavior:

  • precision and logic of speech
  • coping with the pressure of passing time
  • level of energy and commitment
  • quality of exercises performed during the recording (e.g. mathematics)
  • level of knowledge of a foreign language (actual not declarative)
  • presentation and self-presentation skills
  • sales skills.

Also place and time of the recording chosen by the candidate may be an additional information complementing the initial picture of the candidate.


To make it more objective, each candidate may be assessed by a different Recruiter, and the assessment and comments retained for future reference or before a final decision is made..

User accounts

After finalizing the order and gaining access to the application, the person designated as the Admin makes registration, which will take place in two simple steps:

  1. Click the [Registration] button and complete the registration form.
  2. After confirming the consent to the terms of use, a message with a confirmation link will be sent to the e-mail address provided.

After confirming the registration, user gets access to the Admin panel - from now on you can fully use the IR application.

As the Admin's function is most often performed by: an HR department employee, senior manager or company owner, the functions assigned to the Admin are quite broad:

  • the ability to invite and create a list of employees authorized to conduct recruitment or observation (described in Q3)
  • opening new recruitments or viewing historical (described in Q4)
  • browsing the list of candidates in current or previous processes
  • follow all recruitments in the company (default function)
  • personal recruitment (described in questions 4 and 6 of this section).

Inviting a new user to the recruitment team in the company takes place in a few simple steps:

  • use the button: [Invite user]
  • enter his / her business email address
  • assign a role: Recruiter and / or Observer (by checking the box: [Role of the recruiter])
  • press the button: [Invite]
  • the invited user will receive a link to the e-mail address provided by the Admin with a request to accept the invitation
  • after approval, the new user can fully use the IR application functions assigned to the Recruiter and / or Observer.

    ! Remember that the Observer role is always and for everyone the default. If you want to limit or extend the scope of observations, do it in the Admin Panel:  [Company Observations].

The Recruiter's account is created after the user is invited to cooperate. This invitation comes to the new user's email address from the System Admin. 

The invited person must follow two simple steps to be able to use the Interview Record application:

  1. Confirm the invitation in the link received,
  2. Complete the form with his / her data and password and finally confirm the consent.

After approval, the system automatically moves the user to the view: Recruiter's Panel, where the user can see two tabs: [My Recruitments] and [My Observations]. The Admin assigns both activities.


As soon as a specific recruitment is assigned to user, each Recruiter will see it in their Recruiting Panel.


The Recruiter can personally add a PDF of the CV using the [Upload a Package CV] button or manually add the candidate's basic. To do this, use the [Add new candidate] button.

The Observer function is assigned by default to each user invited by the Administrator. The scope of observation is determined by the Admin.


Observer acc. Administrator's decisions can observe:

  • another Recruiter, his or her all or selected recruitments
  • recruitment for a specific position
  • recruitment of any candidate.

The Admin gives the rights to these three types of observations each time. If the Admin does not assign any permissions, the Observer function remains inactive.


The Observer has the right to evaluate the observed processes and add his comments.

Since the Admin can also conduct recruitment in person, the [My Recruitment] function is in the Admin's panel.


It is identical in its functionality as in the Recruiter's panel (see question 4).

How to open a new recruitment process in the company?

! Note: Only the Admin has the right to create positions and open recruitment processes.

Opening a new recruitment process takes place in a few simple steps. Be sure to follow the prepared in a IR system template:

  1. Press the button: [New recruitment].
  2. Enter a job title or choose from previous recruitments.
  3. Enter the date of starting the recruitment, from that day it will be possible to invite candidates via the system Interview Record.
  4. Select the language of the interview (PL/ENG).
  5. Add a short description that will allow you to identify the recruiting in the future (region, city, province, direct supervisor, client name, etc.).
  6. Create an own list of questions for candidates for this position, or use an existing list of questions.
  7. Give sufficient time to answer and confirm with each question using the [Add] button,
  8. Assign a Recruiter and, if required by the process, also an Observer (not necessary).
  9. Go to the summary and if everything is correct, click [Save] or [Cancel] if you want to make changes.
  10. After saving, you will receive a confirmation. From that moment on, this recruitment can be found in the [Company Recruitment] table.
  11. To add CVs to the recruitment, find the created recruitment in the [Company Recruitment Table] and press the button: [Load a package of CV]. You can add any number of CVs in PDF format assigned to one position.
  12. To add an additional candidate manually (e.g. you do not have a candidate's CV in PDF), select the button: [Add New Candidate].
  13. After completing the form, press the [Save and Invite button].
  14. You can invite a saved candidate later.
  15. When you press [Save and Invite], the candidate will receive an automatic invitation to participate in the recording and the system will inform you that the invitation has been sent.


Videos are saved on the Interview Record server.

No, he can not view or modify his answers.

The Interview Record platform allows to invite an unlimited number of candidates at the same time.


The maximum number of interviews depends only on the chosen subscription package.


Click on the link to see the price list.

No, the candidate is only recorded when he / she answers.

Yes, it is possible. The candidate should be informed of this in advance, e.g. in the e-mail inviting to recruitment.


If so, a candidate should know what additional tools are needed (e.g. a calculator).

Candidate can record response only once.


Candidate cannot re-record responses after submitting them.

Yes. The link will expire after the deadline set by Recruiter.


Recruiter has the full right to modify the start date and expiry date of the link in the menu:

  • [My Recruitment] ->
  • -> [Table of Candidates for the position] ->
  • -> [Upload CV] or [Add New Candidate] ->
  • -> [Invitation Expiration Date].

As the number of questions and the time allocated to each answer is set by the Admin, the length of each recording entirely depends on the Admin.

After reconnecting with the Internet, re-enter via the link to the recording.


Further answers will start automatically with a not-answered question.


It is recommended to check the internet connection speed before recording.


The link provided in the inviting email is valid for recording 1 answer to each question.

Recordings can be made until the date indicated in the inviting email.

The number of link entries is registered in the IR system and may affect the candidate's assessment.

The candidate may skip the question (for example by stopping / breaking the recording of the question before answering) but cannot return it later.

The candidate has as much time to answer each of the questions as the Admin has provided for when creating the list of questions.


The time for answer is the same for all candidates.

The recordings are available to the Admin and the persons designated as the Recruiter and Observer.

Price list and Technical Support

Interview Record offers a few fully functional plans that will meet the requirements of any company, regardless of the size or frequency of the recruitment process.


Check here: PRICE LIST.

Yes. Interview Record offers a fully functional free trial package - Trial.


Check here: PRICE LIST.

To do this, contact us:

In case of any technical problems, please contact us sending an email:


according following procedure:

  1. While in the browser, on the page where the issue occurred open the development console (i.e. press [Ctrl+Shift+i] or [F12], and then go to the [Console] tab).
  2. Take a screenshot of the browser (to close the development console, press [Ctrl+Shift+i] or [F12] again in the browser).
  3. Send an email to:  add.task.29969051.u-4621984.cac7d3f1-9af2-47ed-a0cc-a8cb74c87001@tasks.clickup.com with the additional required data:
  • contact email
  • recruitment company
  • recruitment position name
  • description of the problem
  • device type (e.g. desktop PC, ThinkPad T440p laptop, tablet Galaxy Tab S7, mobile phone Samsung Galaxy S10)
  • operating system name (e.g. Windows 10, Ubuntu LTS 18.04, Android 11, Mac OS X)
  • browser name (e.g. Chrome, Edge, Firefox) and if possible: its version
  • the attached screenshot of the browser as described above: point 1 & 2.

To use the Interview Record platform, please use one of the following web browsers:

  • Chrome v.85
  • Firefox v.81
  • Edge v.85

on following operating systems:

  • Android 8.0
  • Windows 10
  • Ubuntu LTS 18.04

or their later versions.


At the moment, you will not record responses on other browsers and systems (e.g. iOS, macOS, Safari).

To conduct a video interview efficiently, use a stable and fast internet connection (3G or more).


If you don't have a webcam in your computer, use a good webcam / mobile camera and microphone.


Check system requirements for supported devices and browsers (question no. 5 above).